Local Press Release Distribution for your Business

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Local Press Release

Press releases are often overlooked as a marketing tool– but press release submission has the potential to be a potent, powerful addition to your armory for promoting your web site, affiliate products, event or special promotion and help to earn you additional income.

Your press releases can include your web site URL so if it gets picked up and published on the internet you’ll be getting automatic back links to your site as well as the exposure. This can boost your search engine ranking.

Think of a press release as a short “advert” for your company, web, product, site or service. A brief article which has something to say, not necessarily “hard sell.” Always formulate your press release to be newsworthy and unique include selling points. Include links back to your web site so the reader knows where to go should they wish to find out more.

The Anatomy of a Press Release

If your web service, product or site you are promoting is about dog training then your press release should have a few paragraphs on say 10 tips to train a dog. In the “about” section end with the URL of your site. Write it in such a way to make people want to visit your site after.

A Great Headline

A short, snappy, relevant headline that will grab the reader’s attention.


A short paragraph to summaries your press release at a glance. What’s it about– a second opportunity to grab the reader’s attention.


This is the “meat” of your press release, get to the point quick, keep it reasonably short and include images. Don’t ”ramble” or you’ll turn the reader off and you’ll probably never get published.
Create a compelling press release includes relevant headline to attract the reader right away.Put the most important, powerful wording in the first couple of paragraphs. Don’t issue your press release just for the sake of it. Wait until you have something to say which is newsworthy. Aim for somewhere between 200-500 words. You want to keep the reader’s attention.

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